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Fight Fatigue the Natural Way

No one enjoys fatigue yet there are numerous reasons why it occurs. If you're a woman, often a hormone imbalance can be the culprit. It can be as simple as (and often is) low iron. Get some blood work and check your ferritin (iron stores) level. You don't even have to have anemia to feel tired from low iron! We lose iron daily as part of our natural process but women who are menstruating lose more (along with calcium) 

How our thyroid is functioning can also be a major cause of fatigue so get some more blood work done and check your TSH levels. 

Stress alone can also bring on fatigue so make sure to give yourself the down time and rest you need. 

Another major cause of fatigue is blood sugar levels. You don't have to be a diabetic to be affected by blood sugar! Make sure you're eating often and staying well hydrated. Remember choose nutrient rich foods, not empty calories in refined sugary foods or white refined flour filled substances.


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Does Food Affect Our Mood?

Darn right it does! All those nutrients in healthy food have a huge impact on your brain function and therefore your mood. Think as your body as one big machine, if all the parts are working properly by obtaining the right fuel, all systems should be good to go! 
95% of serotonin is created in our gut and so is GABA. The bacteria in our gut is called our microbiome, a diverse ecosystem, and it makes up approximately 1 kg of weight in the average adult. This bacteria protects our intestinal lining, aids in digestion and the absorption of the nutrients found in what we eat, and even aids the manufacturing of neurotransmitters creating a link between our gut and our brain. 
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Babar's 2017 Shows & Markets

Find us Every Saturday 7am-1pm at the Peterborough Farmer's Market, outside this season May-October! 
Babies & Bellies Baby Expo Peterborough, ON- April 23rd

Lindsay Fall Grounds Spring Show Lindsay, ON- May 1st

Purple Onion Festival- TBA

Dandelion Day- Peterborough, ON Millennium Park- May 28th

Peterborough Yoga Festival, we're sharing a booth with our friends at Hot Yoga Peterborough! woot woot - Del Crary Park- June 17th 

Millbrook BIA Ladies Night- Millbrook,ON - August 3rd

Inspired Creations Christmas Show- Ommee,ON- November 4th

Christmas is on it's Way!

Get ready for the holidays & place your order with us at to guarantee timely delivery!